The brilliant wedding end of the week has at long last come to a near. Ben Affleck was seen carrying his girls Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, to a private air terminal in Savannah, Georgia, so that they seem capture a flight. Violet is 16 a long time ancient, Seraphina is 13 a long time ancient, and Samuel is ten a long time ancient. The travel to the airplane terminal took put at the exceptionally conclusion of the marriage celebrations that he and his spouse Jennifer Lopez had been getting a charge out of on Sunday, Eminent 21. Ben, who was fifty a long time ancient at the time, played it cool when he boarded the fly after the excessive wedding party. He was wearing a t-shirt and pants whereas standing adjacent to his dark vehicle and the plane. The Gone Young lady performing artist is known for his part within the film.As the gather of children arranged to take off, the faculty helped them with their baggage. As they continued up to the airplane, each carried a rucksack and many other things of baggage. Ben appeared like he was having a inspiring discussion with his children, who he offers with his ex-wife Jennifer Earn, and he had a wide smile on his confront when the shot was taken.It is obscure when he transported his children to the airplane terminal all through the day, but both he and J.Lo had a jam-packed plan for their wedding end of the week. Taking after the migration ceremony on Saturday, the couple wrapped up the long end of the week on Sunday by facilitating a BBQ in their unused house for their companions and family. All of Ben’s children were there amid their father’s wedding, and they went down the passageway at the same time as Max and Emma Lopez, who are all 14 a long time ancient. When the youths went with their guardians to the enormous occasion when both sides of their family got together, they all dressed in white attire.Jennifer gotten help on the prepare from Emme and Seraphina, who picked up Jennifer’s brother for her as their other kin taken after behind. It is vague when the time of day he sent his children to the airplane terminal, but he and J.Lo had a jam-packed plan for their wedding end of the week. Taking after the movement ceremony on Saturday, the couple closed up the long end of the week on Sunday by facilitating a BBQ at their modern domestic for their companions and family. All of Ben’s children were there for their father’s wedding, and they made their way down the walkway with J.Lo’s twins, Max and Emme, who are moreover 14 a long time ancient. The children wore all white gatherings as they gone to the celebration of their parents’ extraordinary day, which stamped the coming together of both of their families. While Emme and Seraphina helped Jennifer with her prepare and held it up for her, their other sisters and brothers taken after closely after them.

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