American-born social media influencer and TikTok star who was born on April 14, 1991. She is well-known for posting prevalent cover tunes and music recordings on her YouTube channel, and she has moreover performed numerous of the tunes from her claim collections. Her memoir was too posted on Wikipedia, which contains all the relevant data almost her. She had went through her childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, Joined together States of America. She gone to school in Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated from tall school there as well. She may be a 29-year-old craftsman whose videographic substance on social media stages is well-known. She keeps up her Nicaraguan and Mexican heritages. Gustavo Rocque, her accomplice, could be a famous music maker who established the famous Rocque Records.

The video rapidly went viral since the couple made it with the purposeful of offering it to substance membership stages. But it is seen that A few of their devotees (from Only-fans) have, be that as it may, Screenrecord the recordings and shared them on Twitter. The video picked up notoriety prior this week when other TikTok recordings talking about Taliyaandgustavo surfaced.

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