Reacting officers found the body of a dead child at the scene. Police did not discharge the child’s sex or age. Police captured the 39-year-old suspect on Friday, Aug. 26, and he was held up within the Genesee District Jail. The examination remains open and progressing.

Montrose Township police gotten an introductory report on Thursday, Aug. 25, of a body in a jettison within the 9400 piece of North Morrish Street in Montrose Township. A 39-year-old suspect was captured a day afterward. GENESEE Province, MI – Police captured a 39-year-old Montrose Township man who they accept is associated to a child’s body that was found in a ditch. The man’s title is being withheld pending arraignment in Genesee County’s 67th Area Court, concurring to a news discharge from the Montrose Township Police Division.

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