Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss — two of the Church of Scientology’s most celebrated devotees — are being dragged into a dreadful debate with the right hand of Leah Remini who claimed she was held against her will amid her time at the church, Radar has learned. Valerie Haney recorded a claim against The Church of Scientology in 2019. In court archives, Haney clarified she was born into the religion in 1979. Both of her guardians were individuals. As a child, Haney said she lived in Clearwater, Florida where Scientology has its central station.

Concurring to Tony Ortega from The Underground Bunker, Haney and the church are going back in forward over who will manage over the proceedings. Last month, Haney composed a letter to the church to begin the discretion handle. The primary step is she is permitted to choose one agent from the church, the church picks another and after that those two individuals choose a third. Haney said she picked Elisabeth Greenery as a proposed authority. Be that as it may, she was educated Greenery had declined the designation to serve and was told to choose another individual.

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