After Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson and moved on, presently it appears Kanye West has moreover moved on after his final breakup. We have seen a part of celebrities completely different kind of design that’s interesting in their way. Whether it is related to sparkles or related to uncovering dress, everything is acknowledged within the world of mold. But on the off chance that we talk almost the casual look or the low-key see at that point it has gotten to be the foremost stylish thing within the 21st century. So to talk about any specific celebrities we have seen Kanye West as of late in a purple hoodie whereas having supper in Santa Monica. Just a number of weeks after Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson, Kanye West was seen having dinner in Santa Monica. It was as of late uncovered that Kim Kardashian is single and she needs to blend and at the same time, Kanye West has given his appearance within the same status.Agreeing to a few reports, Kanye West is isolated from his sweetheart Chaney Jones. And after the partition, he was seen in a eatery in Santa Monica on 26 Admirable 2022. Coming to his see at that point he was wearing a purple hoodie that was coordinating his body structure. He was having a genuine expression on his confront and made his way to the town of Los Angeles. After dating Chaney Jones for nearly 4 months, Kanye is all set to blend once more. He got isolated in June but his breakup was very private. When it comes to Chaney at that point she has denied the rumors of getting isolated from the father of four kids. It can be seen when she wished Kanye West a cheerful birthday on 8 June by sharing a Tik Tok video.When it comes to their rumor of getting isolated at that point Chaney has too posted and asked individuals to donate her a few regard and halt spreading fake news almost her relationship. When it comes to Kim Kardashian at that point she too got isolated from her 9-month-old boyfriend Davidson. She has conceded that she is single right presently but at the same time, she needs to be in a relationship once more. But this time she doesn’t need any kind of genuine relationship and fair needs to have fun. It was said agreeing to the source that: “So, whereas she centers on her billion-dollar realm, counting the propelling of her modern ear cases brand, she is attending to have fun. In the event that this incorporates going on dates, so be it. But she is way as well included with her family and centered on herself right presently to grant absent as well much of this to anybody else”.

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