Natalie Tynika Nunn, an American reality tv star who was born on December 26, 1984, is maybe most known for her appearance in Terrible Young ladies Club’s fourth season in 2009–2010. She at that point made an appearance in Hair Fight Fabulous and Season 13 of Awful Young ladies Club. She may be a competitor in Season 2 of The Amusement of Adore: Awful Girls Need Adore, As well. Nunn took portion within the inaugural Awful Young ladies All-Star Diversion as well. She took portion within the reality competition “Celebrity Enormous Brother” in 2018.Nunn was born on December 26, 1984, to Karen and Earl Nunn in Harmony, California. Ronald Nunn, Nunn’s brother, is her as it were kin. Her mother raised her in Pleasanton whereas working two employments. She went to San Mateo’s Aragon Tall School. She taken part within the 2002 Junior Olympics additionally ran for the school’s track squad. She played five recreations in 2004 as a cautious lineman for the Troy women’s soccer group whereas going to the College of Southern California.Nunn’s appearance within the fourth season of Awful Young ladies Club catapulted him to ubiquity. On December 1, 2009, the season’s make a big appearance gathered the finest appraisals in Oxygen’s history at the time. Nunn was let go from the appear in scene 11 after getting into a battle with the performing artists Golden McWha, Lexie Woltz, and Kendra James whereas going to Santa Barbara, California. Oxygen brought her back for exhibitions in up and coming seasons 5 and 6 as a result of her ubiquity in season 4.

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