Talking approximately his mother so she too paid him a extraordinary tribute by going to his football group lockers so that she can cheer up all the other individuals in any case the cause of passing is truly clear he was investing more than three weeks within the ICU as he was got brain bruises, be that as it may, specialists attempted their best to spare him and there were various endeavors to that so that they can moreover minimize his swelling on his brain in any case his correct cause is still not uncovered by the specialists but he will be missed sending our supplications to back to his family at this troublesome minute may his soul rest You can be pondering why he was taken to the clinic and put in a coma for a month. He had a football damage, which is why he was taken there, but he passed absent there as it were. We get it that 17 a long time could be a exceptionally brief time, but he was devoted to and worked difficult for his group. He was an awfully clear-minded person with all of his center on his amusement, and presently that we have listened this news, ready to specify this.On September 10, his condition weakened, and everybody started paying him tribute on social media The group Organ Mountain has as of now begun wearing his number 22, but they have misplaced a extraordinary captain and a incredible day on Saturday night there was a candle lighting. Abraham Romero was moreover the captain of his group and his fight and kicked the bucket on Saturday talking to his family individuals and near companions they are totally crushed after they found out around his passing. He has committed himself to Abraham Romero recuperation, agreeing to the data we have been told .Speaking of his mother, she too paid a brilliant tribute to him by reaching to the locker rooms of his football group to energize the other players, but the cause of passing is really clear as he went through more than three weeks within the ICU due to a brain bruise. Specialists did everything they may to spare him, and there were various endeavors to do that to moreover diminish the swelling in his brain, but his correct cause is still obscure to the creator.

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