A lady is brutally killed in a video that’s right now trending. The amusing Maria Camila Villalba video is as of now trending on Twitter. The computerized murd*r has been the subject of discussion.A family responded in stun and lose hope after seeing a video of their misplaced girl being murdered in El Bagre, Antioch division, Colombia. Maria Camila Villalba Espitia was the title of the young lady. She had been detailed lost and was as it were 17 years ancient. Her family was restlessly attempting to discover her. The young lady was kidnapped from the property where a man’s headless body was found along side two other women.

But once a alarming video of the minute her criminal c*t off her cranium started making the rounds on social media, there was no plausibility of finding Maria Camila alive. There was a photo of the youthful lady taken some time recently the video surfaced, appearing her with others watching her. She was clearly identifiable within the video since she was dressed similarly. Unidentified guys can be seen within the film expelling the youthful woman’s organs after she passes away. In the film, Camila’s body and another man’s disjoined head were both seen

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