Jamie figured it out that Tim had contributed more than 3 million euros into the computer program, and he was appreciative for Tim’s work. Besides, he passed on his rapture over Tim’s hypothesis drive, and Tim shared his charm over the opportunity. And ceased getting to visit his sweetheart. Jamie was enraged since his fiancée had broken up with him three weeks earlier than the rivals. Jamie went on to compete after the breakup, in show disdain toward of the truth that it was troublesome. Jamie conceded that people may date, be in associations, and in fact be companions while utilizing the FITFCK app. The app’s stars have additionally gotten additional, solid remittance. While Tim, the businessman, chosen to spend his hard-earned cash on a assorted app, as frequently as conceivable implied to as FITFCK, a dating app for prosperity and wellness lovers since these people are careful of the require of keeping up incredible prosperity.

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