In order to promote his “S3x-positive” campaign, a New York congressional candidate who favours legalising prostitution uploaded a video of himself having S3x to PornHub.After becoming eligible in September, Mike Itkis, a third-party liberal candidate in the 12th Congressional District of New York and a current major in the US Army Reserve, hopes to defeat Jerry Nadler in the general election in November.Itkis’ main campaign issue is the decriminalisation of S3x work, therefore in order to further it, he participated in an adult film, which he afterwards uploaded to the S3x website P**ornHub using his own account. The 53-year-old Itkis writes in his memoir, “Not married. not even one kid. not honourable. Skeptic is highlighted in the X-rated video. Nicole Sage, an adult performer, is having S3x twice though being shot over the course of the past year. The performer Sage states at the beginning of the by and large 13-minute-long video that she is “not underneath the affect of drugs or alcohol” which she has given her consent to the scene. It is, whose journal scrutinizes, “Not hitched. not a single child. not highminded. Atheist.’ – co-stars with grown-up on-screen character Nicole Sage in a fundamental video that shows up them having S3x twice some time recently the camera over the course of the past year.

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