A later video of young people in blackface in a store in Cedar City, Utah on Halloween has gone viral on a few social media stages counting TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.The video appears a bunch of youngsters at the neighborhood Walmart on Halloween with three of them wearing blackface dressed as detainees. The others within the gather were in ensembles, counting one dressed as a police officer. The video, captioned “Meanwhile, in Utah…” has gotten more than 3,800 retweets and 7,514 likes on Twitter to date.

The person taking the video calls it a “hate crime” saying that they will not get into college or get grants as a result. One young person reacts with, ”We all dropped out of tall school it’s OK.” Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox discharged a articulation condemning prejudice. “We unequivocally condemn prejudice in all its shapes and we call on each Utahn to dismiss such hostile generalizations, slurs and states of mind. We must do better,” he said. The Cedar City Police Office too discharged a explanation through the city’s official social media.

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