Another youthful man who was a traveler was moreover shot out from the vehicle and was harmed. A youthful man recognized as Justin Santos, kicked the bucket in a activity mischance early this Sunday when a lady Nevárez Torres .Driving whereas inebriated, he attacked the path he was traveling on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge and collided head-on. Agreeing to police reports, he is the brother of rapper Arcángel.The collision happened around 02:00 hours and was recorded by the bridge’s security cameras. The lady was moving within the course of Río Piedras to California within the inverse paths, in crisscrosses. Arcángel’s brother, dwelling in Miami, was going to Puerto Rico. The recordings from the security cameras of the put appear that the Cam-Am was moving at a judicious speed. Torres, 46, was harmed and was taken to a clinic. At the scene, blood tests were taken and it was affirmed that she was inebriated, as the police suspected.

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