TikTok star Golden Mezner has reacted after she was charged of bullying a previous classmate, starting a viral talk about encompassing the influencer. Golden Mezner could be a confirmed TikTok maker with over 1.3 million devotees on the video-sharing app. Mezner is right now at the center of affirmations from other clients of the stage who claim she bullied them at school.One of the more conspicuous charges comes from TikToker Nightfall Cosmetics, which claims the influencer told a companion of hers to come to her school and slap her. Dusk Cosmetics too claims that Mezner made fun of her mental wellbeing and indeed issued a “secondary school limiting order” against TikToker after she purportedly went to a tall school 20 minutes absent and came to her school to bully her after classes were over. “The foremost stood exterior the school each day and each time they saw Golden they had to kick Golden out and send her domestic so she wouldn’t piss me off,” claims Nightfall Makeup. Since at that point, a few other TikTok clients have made bullying affirmations against Mezner — but Mezner says none of their affirmations are genuine. The web celebrity reacted by posting a video in which she said she didn’t indeed know around dusk cosmetics and claimed she as well was a casualty of bullying as a child. “I don’t indeed know this guy,” she composed within the caption of her answer video. “These charges are unfaithful and totally making up a story could be a mess. I was bullied all through my school days. I would never put anybody down for something I did that didn’t indeed make sense!” Commenters are as of now battling with Mezner’s reaction video, with numerous watchers finding her claim of not knowing around Nightfall Cosmetics, which shared a screenshot of Mezner’s phone contacts through TikTok, as unbelievable. Since at that point, as charges against TikToker have surfaced, Mezner has transferred another video requesting that Nightfall Cosmetics give more “evidence” of the affirmed bullying

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