As of right presently, De gaela girl has gotten to be a sensation all over the web and all over the Joined together States of America. His girl one video was Trending on social media and other stages which made his one of the foremost popular social media influencers within the world.The vocalist recorded a complaint with the police and vivaciously undermined the individual capable for the wrongdoing against the girl he has with Danuska Zapata.He can’t stand defame. Magaly Medina appeared a report where “Tomate” Barraza is seen , irate and on the skirt of tears, at the entryways of DIRINCRI to record a complaint for the wrong Trending of a video of his girl, Gaela Barraza .In later days, doctored pictures and recordings of the minor have gone trending on diverse informing applications such as Wire and WhatsApp. Barraza indeed demonstrated that the video came into her hands through an colleague. Jumbled by the circumstance, “Tomate” Barraza debilitated those who are hurting the picture of the girl he has with Danuzka Zapata: “ Mess with me, but not with my daughter. I don’t intellect aiming to imprison, either you dispense with the smudged thing you’ve done or I swear on my girls that I’m planning to take the shell out of you…”

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