On Dec. 16, a Twitch streamer named Azalia Lexi tweeted out a longer tweet around Affluent Cambell, identifying the certified sexual attack. Within the post, Lexi revealed they had a “very volatile” four-year cooperation and relationship, with their physical relationship beginning in 2019. She claims Affluent Campbell ambushed her in 2021 and sent her on the street “with no put to go” at 3am. Will share his story within the flicker of an eye.

A short time later that day, Well off responded to the charges and announced that he had surrendered from his position with One Honest to goodness Rulers. “I’ve inspected the clarifications made against me these days. I’ll share my story but take a number of time to amass my thoughts,” he said. “OTK asked me to take off and I concurred. I will upgrade as some time recently long as possible.” I have scrutinized the clarification against me these days. I will share my story, but take a number of time construct up”>to construct up my thoughts. OTK asked me to take off and I concurred. I will redesign as some time recently long as conceivable. Fair three months earlier, OTK suspended Mizkif after he was charged of covering up a s3xual assault. In show disdain toward of the truth that he has since tended to the examination on-air, Mizkif has still not redesignd his position on the organization.

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