Nadia rose to popularity in 2022 after a few “hackusation” YouTubers started denouncing her of utilizing aimbots and wallhacks within the Call of Obligation fight royale amusement, among other cheats. Despite the broad conviction among her critics that she could be a programmer, no verification has been given, and she has still been allowed solicitations to occasions facilitated by Activision and other competitions.But presently that Nadia’s Jerk channel has been suspended and the broadcaster has been given her first-ever site boycott, the blazes have been somewhat revived once more.

Due to the December 15 boycott, her page presently states, “This channel is briefly blocked off due to a breach of Twitch’s Community Rules or Terms of Service.” As Warzone 1 started to wind down in planning for Warzone 2.0, Nadia inevitably finished up being prohibited from her Call of Obligation account, lighting rumors that Activision had at last caught her cheating after months of rumor. These allegations were wrong, and she before long continued playing.

In spite of this, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, a amazing player in Call of Obligation, lauded Nadia and called her a “genius” for dealing with the torrent of criticism. Although there hasn’t been a articulation from Nadia herself or a web defense for the suspension, one might show up before long.

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