A unused case of extremism is enrolled in Barranquilla, this time on Christmas Eve. The event happened on a open advantage transport that voyages through the city and the metropolitan region. Concurring to a course of action of recordings circulating on social frameworks, a man and a woman got into a fight inside the car and other travelers had to intervened. The essential recording captures the diminutive the traveler in address had an dispute with the driver of a car having a put to the Sobusa company over the course she was pointing to require a short time later.

I’m not going there, I’ve told you, I’m not going there,” the man told him. The woman replied: “No, I’m not driving her to go, but she doesn’t ought to let me know what to do. Do me a favor and respect me.” Abruptly, a traveler on the back arrange of the transport prevented her: “Driver, stop talking to him! She needs burden, don’t tell her anything else. The woman reacted: “Shut the fuck up, closed the fuck up! Don’t be a toad.” In that video, the client recording the course as other travelers were around to board a vehicle bound for the La Playa urbanization Video was cut.

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