Jerry Russo (Jerry Russo Enchantment Wand Spilled Video) who is the spouse of Theresa other than he is additionally the father of Justin Alex and Max so in case you don’t know around him we’ll give you with each update.Jerry was one of those individuals who attempted to grant his children a discourse almost how they can utilize these enchanted wishes, conversation around his calling, so he possessed a substation and news to run a eatery with his spouse, he was a incredible individual, but he he was entirely possessive approximately his children and without a doubt had no specialist and no information of it.

You may be pondering how he was born with this wizard that has so numerous enchanted powers so he won the family wizard competition but shockingly at this time he gave this specific wish to his brother who was named Kelbo Russo. There was a reason he gave this wish to his brother so he seem wed the mortal Teresa.

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