David’s abuse video by the evaluate official’s child has been a warm talk of web clients recently. A video suspected by Mario Dandy Satrio, child of charge official Rafael Alun Trisambodo is abusing David Latumahina, GP Ansor’s caretaker’s child circulating on social media. Mario Dandy Satrio is known to have been named as a suspect and kept for the manhandle case. Within the video, a man suspected by Mario Dandy, a charge official, is mishandling someone suspected by David. Twitter presently and after that gets to be a organize utilized to spread viral recordings, one of which may be a video of David’s mishandle by a viral charge official’s child. Social media is directly one fast way to encourage information.

This may be seen from the rise of viral substance that spreads rapidly through distinctive social media stages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. The closeness of social media grants viral substance to reach millions of people in a brief time. So removed it has not been certified whether the video was a video of Mario Dandy Satriyo though abusing David. But based on information, Mario Dandy Satriyo’s sweetheart was at the scene and recorded the abuse. Already Kapolres Metro South Jakarta, Kombes Ade Ary Pretense Indradi clarified, at to begin with Mario Dandy Satriyo came to the casualty after tolerating information from his companion the initials A, who was said to be his ex-girlfriend.

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