The circumstance has started a warmed talk about among fans and advocates for household viciousness avoidance, with each side displaying their claim viewpoint on the matter Source. Here, we’ll take a closer see at the affirmations, reactions, and responses from both sides, as well as the affect the embarrassment has had on the reality TV world.

In February 2023, French reality TV stars Julien Bert and Hilona Gos made features after Gos denounced Bert of residential viciousness in a video posted on TikTok. Within the video, Gos sorrowfully related occurrences where Bert supposedly hit, choked, and debilitated her amid their relationship. Bert denied the affirmations and reacted with his possess video, where he blamed Gos of hitting him as well. The embarrassment has started a warmed wrangle about among fans of the couple, as well as advocates for residential viciousness avoidance Source. Here’s what we know around the circumstance so distant.

In reaction to Gos’ charges, Bert posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “Je réponds aux allegations d’Hilona.” Within the video, Bert denies hitting Gos and claims that she was the one who started physical quarrels. He too denounces Gos of cheating on him and utilizing the affirmations to pick up consideration Source. Bert’s video has gotten blended responses from watchers, with a few protecting him and others calling for him to require obligation for his activities.

In a afterward Snapchat video, Bert appears up eager as he looks at Gos’ certifications. He claims that Gos is lying and endeavoring to decimate his reputation, and communicates dissatisfaction that he can’t watch himself without being charged of victim-blaming Source. Bert besides says that he has gotten reinforce from some of his companions and fans, but that the charges have taken a toll on his mental prosperity.

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