Famous TikToker and model Anni Wunderwelt has said rumors about viral videos on Twitter and Reddit are completely untrue. She was rejected via her Instagram, via Insta Story.The public was shocked when some users recently posted a link to an allegedly viral video of her Anni Wunderwelt with a caption containing the words “leaked.” .A close friend of hers also denied widespread issues about her Anni Wunderwelt videos going viral on TikTok, saying these were also edited.”I think it’s all fiction, falsehood and nonsense. you should do better The edited videos and photos are terrible,” says her Anni Wunderwelt best friend. 

With the rise of Twitter accounts being marketed as “premium content” on certain platforms such as Patreon, many users are even more convinced of who is being touted as a trusted video collector.Whether or not this is the case, and what the motives behind the treatment of the alleged Anni-Wunderwelt virus video are, remains unknown. It serves as a lesson not to think. 

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