Group of West Ham fans caught on video at London stadium using cocaine bannedThe video garnered more than 736,000 views of him on social media, and the club quickly condemned the act and gave police the names of those who carried out the act.In the video, a group of boys can be seen performing at a stadium in London.In one scene, a bald man was sprayed with white powder on his head and another fan smelled the powder. . The bald man had the last laugh. “Let’s have it. iron, iron. ‘West Ham have a zero tolerance policy for him, so anyone who broke the rules had his ticket taken away for the season. That means they can’t come to the stadium or go to away games with the team. Perpetrators may be banned permanently, depending on what the club’s own investigation reveals. 

As in the recent West Ham case, cocaine use is becoming a major problem in football stadiums. Recent reports show that the drug has led to a 45% increase in gaming violence over the past two years. The police chief also wanted to crack down on cocaine users and give tougher penalties and bans to prevent a repeat of violence like the 1980s. Sergeant Mark Roberts, Britain’s most famous football police officer, said more people were using drugs to cause violence, creating a toxic mixture.According to one study, more than 30% of his fans have witnessed people using cocaine in stadiums. 6% said they use it for their own purposes. Even though clubs like West Ham say they are taking stronger measures to stop people bringing drugs onto their grounds, this is happening more than ever before kick-off and during matches. It is said that 

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