Yanni Monet is a well-known social media influencer. Her TikTok her account is @indgo_bluu. People want to know more about videos. Check out all the details of Yanny Monet’s viral girlfriend her video in this article. Read below for more information. She is a TikToker and is known for her lip-syncing videos on her platform. She also has her own YouTube channel. Her latest video went viral on the internet. It increased the attention she received from the public. The video increased her social following on her media. She also shows interest in music. Her new song shows her more talent and makes her even more popular with her people. Your voice is welcome too. A fan of hers posted a video of her on her Twitter and it went viral overnight. Yanny and another woman are arguing. She said she was trying to protect herself and she reported months of harassment to the police. After the controversy, her fame increased. The video was posted by her in September 2021 and the two got into a fight. Everyone was interested in what happened and what was the reason for the argument shown in the video. bottom. The reasons given by other women in the video were very different.Although there are many negative comments spread everywhere, her following has not decreased. 

She still has a large following. The video was later posted on Reddit. It looks like two people are arguing. The video was posted on the front page to spread faster.She’s a teenager living in Los Angeles. She’s had an incredible journey from lip-syncing to hip-hop to R&B music. Her videos have been liked by about 4.6 million people. In her video, she was seen arguing with another woman. Her birthday is May 15, 2005. Not listed on Wikipedia yet. Everyone loves lip sync videos. She debuted her 2020 on her TikTok on her richbrthercheck. In 2022, she wore a Halloween costume inspired by the Euphoria TV show. Their journey wasn’t far from controversy. Different people have made different speculations about this incident. Some were for her, some were against her. We constantly bring such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details on your favorite stars. 

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