Lockdown has played an important role in the rise of fame for many. Back then, people had free time and didn’t have much to do, so I ended up spending a lot of time on social media posting different content usages and building a good following. However, increasing the number of followers is not easy. This is because the person needs to participate in social media frequently and consistently. But sometimes their little piece of content goes viral and gets the limelight. One such social media personality made the news after a video of him with his sister was posted on Reddit and Twitter, and is now going viral on other platforms. It belongs to his Daej and his sister who are trending on social media. However, the video was removed anyway. Some have already downloaded and shared. The video was so shocking to many that it was removed from social media after both were seen engaging in shameful acts.Sharing personal content without permission is illegal. Even knowing that, many people break the rules of the Internet to share. Speaking of viral videos, it was first posted on Twitter and has since gone viral on other platforms. 

Within seconds, it will start trending on another website as well. As noted above, both were spotted engaging in what appeared to be a sexual act. Twitter users immediately demanded the video be removed, and several reported it. Twitter removed the video, but it had already gone viral and had been watched by thousands of people. Reportedly, it started circulating on Reddit after the video was removed from his Twitter. 

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