The red Axia video that went viral on Twitter has attracted the attention of Malaysian netizens. This video shows a couple in Perodua her Axia car engaging in inappropriate public behavior in Johor Bahru.The incident was recorded by two people who found the couple and decided to record them.When asked what happened, Axia’s driver claimed to be helping her sick lover and asked him to remove the video from his phone.His two men who filmed the video advised the driver to install darkened glass before leaving the scene. Police made the arrest after the video went viral on social media. A Malaysian police chief said his teenage couple was arrested in connection with the incident. The video first appeared on his Twitter and was later shared on other social media platforms such as Reddit and Youtube. 

A local resident recently saw a strange incident with a red Axia parked in what appeared to be an empty parking lot in Johor Bahru.The car window was down, and as I approached the car, I was surprised to see a girl sitting astride the man in the passenger seat. She says the girl is wearing a Red Crescent uniform.When she asked what she was doing, the man immediately claimed that the girl was “not feeling well.”Pria itu tidak menekan masalah tersebut, dia hanya menyarankan pasangan itu untuk menutup jendela mereka. The incident is believed to have been recorded at 3:03 pm on March 29, but only recently went viral on TikTok.The video has since gone viral and is now circulating on social media, with netizens creating both parodies and memes. 

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