It’s impossible to open up social media and not notice news about a viral video. We regularly watch viral videos online as most of them contain explicit content. These videos have a negative impact on children’s mental health as children use social media platforms frequently. This news has become one of the most heard stories. Your negative behavior is caused by something that encourages others to take similar actions. However, this time the video went viral and received a lot of attention. Those in the know are curious about the details. The phrase “Mira View Chin Amirah Aqilah Tangga Firdaus” is the title of this popular video. Users search for information about the video using this title as a keyword. The video was, as usual, first shared on Twitter before becoming popular on other sites. Intriguing but difficult to understand, many people want to know more about the term. A person named Mira Curang Tangga has reportedly appeared in a web video available for viewing. 

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