The age of social media has brought about many changes in the way we communicate, share information and interact with each other. Unfortunately, it’s also easier to spread fake news, cybercrime, and invasion of privacy. One such case that recently came to light is the leaked video of Pujaroy, a woman from Shamnagar, a town in Batpala Municipality, District 24, Parganas, north of West Bengal, India. Puja Roy is a relatively unknown woman, but she suddenly became famous for all the wrong reasons. There is very little information available about her on the internet other than the fact that she lives in Shamnagar. It is unclear how she became the subject of the leaked video, as she had not been made public prior to the incident. The leaked video shows two women and a man engaging in intimate activities. It’s not clear who recorded the video or how it leaked, but it quickly went viral on social media platforms. Some have claimed that one of the women in the video is Pooja’s girlfriend Roy, but this has not been confirmed. The video sparked a lot of controversy and outrage, with many people criticizing who shared it online. 

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