Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang has been the target of malicious attacks after her private sex tape was leaked online.Explicit videos featuring female celebrities have reportedly been circulating online recently, and on Tuesday (April 18), Liang uploaded her Instagram story, claiming that the woman in the clip is her. I acknowledged thatThe 31-year-old added that it was “recorded many years ago” and she doesn’t know why it was leaked now.She said, “I never thought this would happen to me, but it did. I just want to leave everything behind. “At first I didn’t want to answer. I was very scared, but I told myself that I had to face this issue bravely because I have people I love and protect deeply,” she said.The rapper added that she was “extremely hurt” by the situation and that she plans to take legal action to resolve the issue, during which she urged everyone to stop distributing the video. . 

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