The “Cat Blender” footage currently going viral on social media has led some users to believe it is about a woman on the road based on leaked footage.However, there are no facts to back it up, as the viral theme is about a helpless cat being smashed in a blender.A video on Twitter shows a cat being smashed in a blender.Cat Blender Video TwitterSocial media users have since lashed out at the film and its creators. Netizens then search for Cat Mixer videos on various social media sites. Cat Blender’s videos have become popular online, with many sharing her on social networking sites such as Reddit and Twitter. When the video was shared, they were all horrified and advised other netizens not to share it further. I couldn’t believe it.”People who made cats in blender are so sick why do you put funny cats in blender,” said one horrified Twitter user.While researching social media platforms, I found that the video was originally shared by his Twitter account for scary content, but the film has since violated his Twitter policy. Removed because 

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