She was horrified by what she saw when she encountered the source of the groans of pain. Her neighbor Alejandra Iko Chub was wounded and dismembered lying in a pool of blood. Even though she was badly injured, she was still alive and clinging to life. For more information on Mr. Pacman’s original split video “Woman in Guatemala”, check out this article. The crime scene turned into a catastrophe with blood splattered throughout the room. Alejandra lay on her bed and sobbed. Her face had been ripped in half, her arms had been amputated, and the top of her skull had been almost completely removed.It was none other than her boyfriend who was responsible for this horrific act. He attacked her with a machete, causing her to lose her hand and inflict damage to her face. Alejandra was seen and heard in her final moments struggling to speak in pain. Her neighbors took numerous pictures of her gruesome scene, which soon went viral on social media. 

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